Writing to me has always been something I have enjoyed. Although I’m not the best…  & probably will make a lot of mistakes… (I’m only human) Speaking my mind in my own way through words on paper or online just seems right. I’ve been looking for a way to just express my inner thoughts. Almost like a therapy for myself to vent, share views and opinions, freeing my mind of my thoughts and ideas.
My plan for the blog is to just release a collection of deep thoughts, feelings, health, beauty and more. Maybe some of these things can resonate with someone else possibly going through a similar situation or just looking for resources to learn from. These posts will be raw and vulnerable at times, but I just want to write whatever feels right. Some posts might be really long or just short and sweet. I plan to create a section on beauty/skin care specifically as I progress in the esthetics field. (Eventually I will have a section on this page for services!)
Whether or not this reaches people in some way or this just turns into a collection of my writing pieces, I’m just excited to try out something new. I look forward to sharing all of this with you and I’m an open book to questions and discussions on any topics that I post about.
Excited to see the growth from my first post and my writing skills in general!
A little introduction about me: I’m 22 & I’m still just figuring out life and taking each day at a time. Allowing myself to learn new things and set goals to achieve for myself. Learning everything about anything is something I really enjoy doing in my free time. From gaming, graphic design, website building and more, I have loved being able to find something that interests me and just go for it. I have a lot of pets, 2 dogs, one cat, and a lizard. Along with my 5 year relationship with my s.o, life has been good!
Over the past few years I have noticed that I have become much more of an introvert and get stressed out when I even need to go to the grocery store or be in public settings. It has made it hard to maintain a social life the more I revert to just wanting to be alone. Being alone isn’t always a bad thing but it can be troubling when I have so much on my mind and with already having a hard time explaining my feelings out loud. Writing even some of what I’m feeling down has helped in more ways that I can count when I cant think straight.
I will be going back to school to start my esthetics career and I could not be more excited to start this new journey and to help educate others with skin care and more! I have always had a passion to help others with general problems they are going through and I hope this page can be a resource to anyone looking to just get “lost” into reading and expanding your mind on finding solutions and positive thinking.


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